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*Issue Date :
*Designed by: Bertram Mackennal 
*Printed by :
*Print Process :
*Perforations 15 x 14
*Watermarks: see Details
*Die: see Details
|[[File:GB 1911-1912 Mackennals a.jpg|thumb|Green<br />{{StampSet|GeorgeV ½d}}[[GeorgeV  ½d|'''Click for more Details''']]]]
|[[File:GB 1911-1912 Mackennals b.jpg|thumb|Carmine Red<br />{{StampSet|GeorgeV 1d}}[[GeorgeV 1d|'''Click for more Details''']]]]
[[Category:Great Britain| 1912.01]]
[[Category:King George V]]
[[Category:GB Definitives]]
[[Category:GB Definitives]]
[[Category:King George V]]

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