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  • Issue Date : 27.06.1975
  • Engraved by :Ladislav Jirka,
  • Printed by :
  • Print Process :
  • Perforations : 11½

60 h Engraved by Ladislav Jirka Datrioides Microlepis and Sea horse
1 Kĉs Engraved by Josef Hercik. Beta splendens regan and pterophyllum scalare.
1,20 Kĉs Engraved by Josef Hercik. Carassius auratus.
1,60 Kĉs Engraved by Jindra Schmidt. Amphiprion percula and chaetodon sp.
1,60 Kĉs Engraved by Milos Ondracek. Pomacanthodes semicirculatus, Pomocanthus maculosus, Paracanthorus hepatus.