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|[[File:{{PAGENAME}} aa.jpg|thumb|台灣/中興新村 (甲4) 1993.01.16...FDC]]
|[[File:{{PAGENAME}} aa.jpg|thumb|台灣/中興新村 (甲4) 1993.01.16...FDC]]
|[[File:{{PAGENAME}} aj.jpg|thumb|台灣/中興新村 (癸) 1995.01.10...FDC]]

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Nantou City 南投市 (TW) a.jpg
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Nantou City has been a 'county-administered city' (縣轄市) in Nantou County (南投縣) since 1981. Prior to that date, Nantou was an 'urban township' (鎮) in, firstly, Taichung County (1945-50) and, secondly, in the 1950-created Nantou County (1950-81).

Postmark Examples

Japanese era

Nantou City 南投市 (TW) b.jpg
Special commemorative postmark for New Year 1937
Nantou City 南投市 (TW) d.jpg
Nantou City 南投市 (TW) j.jpg


Nantou City 南投市 (TW) a.jpg
Nantou City 南投市 (TW) e.jpg
'special delivery' postmark 1958.8.5
台灣南投/六支(甲1) 1993.10.1?
台灣南投/二支(甲) 1989.07.03
台灣/南投 (子) 1994.01.18
台灣南投/六支 (甲1) 1987.08.26
台灣/南投 (癸) 1995.04.06...FDC

Branch Offices

Sanhe (三和) Nantou County Branch 901 [No. 30, Sanhe 2nd Rd., Nantou]

This, opened May 1 1900, was the original Nantou City post office.

Nantou City 南投市 (TW) m.jpg
Nantou City 南投市 (TW) o.jpg

Minzu Rd. (民族路) Nantou County Branch 5 [No. 91, Minzu Rd., Nantou]

Opened 1984.6.20.

南投/民族路(甲) 2006.3.3

Zhongshan St. (中山街) Nantou County Branch 6 [No. 259, Zhongshan St., Nantou]

Opened 1986.9.10.

南投/中山街(甲2) 2006.3.3
南投中山街/TAIWAN, R.O.C.(甲) 2012.9.12

Guangmingli (光明里) Nantou County Branch 8 [No. 648, Zhongzheng Rd., Nantou]

Opened 1987.9.21.

南投/光明里 (甲) 2006.3.3

Nangang (南崗) Nantou County Branch 3 [No. 136-1, Chenggong 3rd Rd., Nantou]

Opened 1979.11.01.

Nantou City 南投市 (TW) q.jpg

Zhongxing (中興) Nantou County Branch 7 [No. 4, Zhongsyue Rd., Nantou]

Zhongxing New Village (中興新村) is a 'planned community' (新市鎮) within Nantou City (南投市). Post office opened 1957.07.01.

Nantou City 南投市 (TW) r.jpg
Nantou City 南投市 (TW) t.jpg
Nantou City 南投市 (TW) u.jpg
台灣/中興新村 (甲2) 1993.03.12...FDC
台灣/中興新村 (甲4) 1993.01.16...FDC
台灣/中興新村 (癸) 1995.01.10...FDC

Neilu (内轆) Former Nantou County Branch; now closed.

This now-closed Branch was located in the area of Nantou City, near Zhongxing New Village (中興新村), called (informally) 內轆地區. (This was also the location of a former 代辦所, now also closed)

南投/内轆 (癸) 1996.12.21...FDC
南投/内轆 (癸) 1996.12.21...FDC

Off-License Postal Counters (代辦所)

Neixing (內興)

Neixing is an 'urban village' (里) in the 'planned community' (新市鎮) of Zhongxing New Village, which is in Nantou City. This Off-License Postal Counter (代辦所) was open as of August 2019.

台灣南投/內興(代) 1996.5.10
台灣南投/內興(代) 1996.5.10

Neixin (內新)

Neixin is an 'urban village' (里) in the 'planned community' (新市鎮) of Zhongxing New Village, which is in Nantou City. This Off-License Postal Counter (代辦所) was open as of August 2019.

南投/內新(代) 2005.02.23
南投/內新(代) ????.??.2?

Yingpan (營盤)

Yingpanko (營盤口) is the informal, common name for a part of the Zhongxing New Village (中興新村) area comprising today's 營北里, 光輝里, and 光榮里, among others. This (now closed [Aug. 2019]) off-license postal counter (代辦所) would have been located in this neighbourhood. See: http://travel.nantou.gov.tw/detail.aspx?type=legend&id=13 [in Chinese only].

台灣南投/營盤 (代) 1994.05.03...FDC
台灣南投/營盤 (代) 1994.04.27...FDC
台灣南投/營盤 (代) 1994.05.03...FDC

Xiling (西嶺)

Xiling is the informal, common name for a western region of Nantou City, bordering on Changhua County, that covers roughly the area now contained within the two 'urban villages' of 福山里 and 鳳山里. The only building apparently still using the name 'Xiling' is the local primary school; the Off-License Postal Counter (代辦所) would have been located nearby. Closed, probably long ago (August 2019).

台灣南投/西嶺 (代) 1961.03.11

Temporary Post Offices ( 臨時郵局)

Nantou City 南投市 (TW) TPOa.jpg