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|[[File:{{PAGENAME}} c.jpg|thumb|台灣/水裏(辛) 1964.12.21]]
|[[File:{{PAGENAME}} c.jpg|thumb|台灣/水裏(辛) 1964.12.21]]
|[[File:{{PAGENAME}} d.jpg|thumb|台灣/水裡(乙) 1957.12.29]]
|[[File:{{PAGENAME}} d.jpg|thumb|台灣/水裡(乙) 1957.12.29]]
|[[File:{{PAGENAME}} o.jpg|thumb|台灣/水裡(甲) 1959.07.02]]

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Shuili is a 'rural township'(鄉) in Nantou County (南投縣). The name in Chinese can also be written as '水裡' or '水裏'. Shuili was created in January, 1950, as part of the same administrative reforms that resulted in the establishment of Nantou County; it was split off from Jiji 'urban township'. The post office, opened 1933.03.10, is Nantou County Branch 13.

Postmark Examples[edit]

台灣/水裡(乙) 1957.08.07
台灣/水里(辛) 1976.06.07
台灣/水裏(辛) 1964.12.21
台灣/水裡(乙) 1957.12.29
台灣/水裡(甲) 1959.07.02

Branch Offices[edit]

Beibu (北埔) Nantou County Branch 14 [No. 167, Minsheng Rd., Shuili][edit]

Opened 1965.09.05.

水里/北埔 (癸) 1998.01.13...FDC

Postal Agencies (代辦所)[edit]

Shangan (上安)[edit]

Shangan is a 'rural village' (村) in the south of Shuili 'rural township'. This 代辦所 is now closed (as of Aug. 2019).

台灣水里/上安(代) 1975.03.08
台灣水里/上安(代) 1975.02.05
台灣水里/上安(代) 1974.12.07
台灣水里/上安(代) 1975.01.16

Yufeng (玉峰)[edit]

Yufeng is a 'rural village' (村) on the west (opposite) bank of the Choshui River (濁水溪), across from the 'downtown' area of Shuili. In operation as of Aug. 2019.

台灣水里/玉峰(代) 1976.05.28
Shuili 水里鄉 (TW) h.jpg
台灣水里/玉峰(代) 1976.08.23

Dacheng (大城)[edit]

Located in Shuili's 'downtown' area in a business premises ('大城書局') at: 水里鄉中正路71號. In operation as of Aug. 2019.

水里/大城 (代) 2019.8.2

Xinshan (新山)[edit]

Xinshan is one of the 19 'rural villages' (村) which together comprise Shuili rural township. This 代辦所 is now closed (as of Aug. 2019).

水里/新山 (代) 1997.02.28...FDC