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Arbroath or Aberbrothockis a former royal burgh and the largest town in the council area of Angus in Scotland, and has a population of 22,785. It lies on the North Sea coast, around 16 miles (25.7 km) ENE of Dundee and 45 miles (72.4 km) SSW of Aberdeen.While there is evidence for settlement of the area now occupied by the town that dates back to the Iron Age, Arbroath's history as a town begins in the High Middle Ages with the founding of Arbroath Abbey in 1178. Arbroath grew considerably during the Industrial Revolution owing to the expansion of firstly the flax and secondly the jute industries and the engineering sector. A new harbour was built in 1839 and by the 20th century, Arbroath had become one of the larger fishing ports in Scotland. For more information on the town see

Cover Examples[edit]

Scottish 1844 type cancel No. 13 of Arbroath
Arbroath boxed paid, handstamp one, and Arbroath boxed datestamp, all in red 1840
Arbroath boxed paid, Arbroath boxed datestamp and fancy Arbroath too late on reverse, all in black 1840.
Scottish 1844 type cancel No. 13 and fancy too late in blue, both of Arbroath 1855
Arbroath circular mileage cancel 1808.
Arbroath straight line cancel 1806.
Arbroath straight line cancel (two lines) 1788
Arbroath mileage cancel (small type) 1828
Arbroath mileage cancel (large type) 1823
Arbroath mileage cancel (large type) mileage removed 1832
Arbroath 13 obliterator cancel 1844
Arbroath boxed datestamp (1 x blue 1845, 1 x black 1838)
Arbroath 13 duplex cancel on penny brown envelope 1862
Arbroath 13 duplex cancel on mourning envelope to Spain 1884

Sub-Post Offices[edit]

Woodside Green marker.png[edit]

Woodside sub Post Office , Arbroath. The Office was meant to serve the Condor Marine Base on Forfar Rd.

Woodside Arbroath sub office 1965
Woodside Arbroath Angus sub office 1965