Ascension 2012 Loss of the RMS Titanic, 1912

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  • Issue date: 1st August 2012
  • four values and a miniature sheet
  • Designed by: John Batchelor (paintings)
  • Printed by: BDT International Security Printing, Ireland
  • Print process: lithography
  • stamp format height 30mm x width 42mm. Miniature sheet height 64mm x width 94mm
  • Perforations: 13.6 x 13.75, or 13.6 x 13.6 (miniature sheet)

Centenary of the Loss of RMS Titanic
20p ~ Titanic departing British Isles
45p ~ the Boat Deck
50p ~ Titanic approaches North Atlantic iceberg
£1 ~ Titanic just before sinking, April 12, 2012
Miniature sheet £2 ~ abandoning ship (lifeboats pulling away from listing vessel, and flare being fired
Border carries map of NE Atlantic showing relative positions and paths of Titanic and other vessels (including the RMS Carpathia) at time of collision with iceberg

Sheet stamps[edit]


Miniature sheet[edit]


First Day Cover[edit]

First Day Cover of stamp set