Australia 1993 Dinosaur Era

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  • Issued: 01.10.1993
  • Designed by: Stamp and cover illustrations: Peter Trusler, Melboume

Typography: Sue Passmore, Australia Post Graphic Design Studio

  • Print technique: offset, multicolor
  • Printer: McPherson's Printing
  • Perforations 14.5 X 14.0
  • Paper:
  • Stamp Size:
  • Values: 45c Ornithocheirus, 45c Leaellynasaura, 45c Allosaurus, 45c Timimus, 75c Muttaburrasauru, $1.05 Minmi


Australia 1993 Dinosaur Era FDC.jpg

Self Adhesive[edit]

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Self Adhesive FDC[edit]

Australia 1993 Dinosaur Era SA FDC.jpg

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