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Barry (Welsh: Y Barri) is a town in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, on the north coast of the Bristol Channel approximately 7 miles (11 km) south-southwest of Cardiff. Barry is a seaside resort, with attractions including several beaches and the resurrected Barry Island Pleasure Park. It is the the fifth largest town in Wales by population.
Once a small village, Barry has absorbed its larger neighbouring villages of Cadoxton and Barry Island. It grew significantly from the 1880s with the development of Barry Docks, which in 1913 was the largest coal port in the world.
The place was possibly named after Saint Baruc.[2] However another explanation is that it comes from the Welsh "bar" meaning a hill or rise. Therefore the Welsh name, Y Barri, means The Hills. The first reference to it being named after St Baruc is from Giraldus Cambriensis (Gerald of Wales).

Barry served as a branch office of Cardiff for a number of decades (As Barry Dock B.O.Cardiff See Cardiff for further details), before becoming an office in its own right just after the turn of the 20th Century.

Postmark Examples[edit]

BARRY B.O. (GLAM) 2 used in 1905 on dockyard postcard
BARRY B.O. (GLAM) 2 dockyard postcard