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BexleyHeath (Bexley) Kent[edit]

Pre-stamp to 1899 1900-1999 2000-Present
Fifth Clause Post under Dartford September 1802

Penny Post 1839 Part of London by 1844 Money Order Office by 1845 Under Dartford 1 October 1852 Savings Bank 16 September 1861 Telegraph Office 1870. Code used = BGA Numeral 389 issued 1875 Renamed from Bexley to Bexley Heath 1881 SO 1886

RSO 12 January 1904

SO & Post Town 1 August 1905

Changed to PO Local 24 October 2014


London_District_Office_(GB) 1844-1852[edit]

On creation of the London District post, Bexley was assigned the District No. 23 cancel, until the office in 1852 came under the Dartford Office.

Bexleyheath Cancels[edit]

Numeral cancels of 389 were issued in 1875. Named CDS came into use in the early 1900's