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Bolton is a town in Greater Manchester in North West England. A former mill town, Bolton has been a production centre for textiles since Flemish weavers settled in the area in the 14th century, introducing a wool and cotton-weaving tradition. The urbanisation and development of the town largely coincided with the introduction of textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution. Bolton was a 19th-century boomtown, and at its zenith in 1929 its 216 cotton mills and 26 bleaching and dyeing works made it one of the largest and most productive centres of cotton spinning in the world. The British cotton industry declined sharply after the First World War, and by the 1980s cotton manufacture had virtually ceased in Bolton.

Bolton was allocated the 92 Post Office Numeral.

Postmark Examples[edit]

Bolton 92 Numeral on 1/- Green.
GB 1 Shilling Green (SG71) sent on cover from Bolton to Gothenburg, Sweden in 1861 via Hull.
Reverse of 1861 cover showing a Hull thimble despatch cancel from port.