Brazil 1937 Tourist Publicity (I). Views

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  • Issue Date : 30th September 1937
  • four values
  • Designed by :
  • Printed by : Waterlow, London
  • Print process : recess
  • stamp format height 27mm x width 35mm, or height 35mm x width 27mm (300r 10,000reis)
  • Perforations : 12.25 x 12.25

Brazil Tourist Publicity (first series). Views of Rio de Janeiro[edit]

Sheet stamps (mint)[edit]

200reis ~ Monroe Palace, Rio de Janeiro. Light brown and blue
300reis ~ Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro. Olive green and orange-red
2000reis ~ Monroe Palace, Rio de Janeiro. Carmine and blue-green
10000reis ~ Botanical Garden, Rio de Jandeiro. Indigo and lake red

  • Note: see also issue of 10th January 1938 (two further values)

Sheet stamps (used)[edit]

200r used
300r used
2000r used
10000r used