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Brechin is a former royal burgh in Angus, Scotland. Traditionally Brechin is often described as a city because of its cathedral and its status as the seat of a pre-Reformation Roman Catholic diocese (which continues today as an episcopal seat of the Scottish Episcopal Church), but that status has not been officially recognised in the modern era.On the outskirts of Brechin, beside the A90 dual carriageway which bypassed it in 1976, is the Pictavia Visitors Centre (covering Pictish culture and displaying several carved stones), a small museum in the former town house, and an Award Winning Tourist attraction: the Caledonian Railway (Brechin). Along with the cathedral and round tower, part of the chapel of Brechin's Maison Dieu or hospital survives from the Middle Ages (Historic Scotland). For more information on the town see

Cover Examples[edit]

Brechin Maltese Cross and Boxed cancel on 1d Pink Stationary 1843
Brechin duplex cancel on 1d brown mourning envelope 1870
Brechin 57 obliterator cancel on postal stationary card 1872
Brechin boxed mileage cancel on entire 1823
Brechin circular mileage cancel on entire 1810
Brechin straight line cancel on entire 1837
Brechin parcel post label with small single circle cancel 1904