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Bucharest (Romanian: București, Bucurest ), is the capital municipality, cultural, industrial, and financial centre of Romania. It is the largest city in Romania, located in the southeast of the country, it lies on the banks of the Dâmbovița River. Bucharest was first mentioned in documents in 1459.

Postmark Examples[edit]

BUCURESTI 1 in 1975.
BUCURESTI in 2012.

Kingdom of Romania (1881-1949)[edit]

4 different types of Cancels used in the 1890's
Circle BUCURES.. in 1897.
DC BUCURESCI in 1902 on Postage Due.
Bridge BUCURESCI in 1904 on the 1900 issue.
Bridge BUKAREST in 1917.
BUCURESTI in 1936.

Postal stationeries[edit]

Craiova to BUCURESCI in 1890.
In 1898.

Principality of Romania (1862-1881)[edit]

Black grid used in 1869ca.

Austrian Levant Post Office (1811 - 1869)[edit]

An Austrian post office operated before 1811 until 31 March 1869.

BUKAREST RECOMMANDIRT oval cancel, on 15 Soldi 1864 issue.
BUCAREST circle Antiqua cancel, on 10 Soldi 1867 issue.