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Burnley (& Nelson) is a town in Lancashire England. It lies between the small town of Nelson to the north east which it has had shared postal control; and the town of Accrington to the south west.

The name Burnley is believed to have been derived from Brun Lea, meaning "meadow by the River Brun". Various other spellings have been used: Bronley (1241), Brunley (1251) and commonly Brumleye (1294).

Stone Age flint tools and weapons have been found on the moors around the town, as have numerous tumuli, stone circles, and some hill forts (see: Castercliff, which dates from around 600 BC). Modern-day Back Lane, Sump Hall Lane and Noggarth Road broadly follow the route of a classic ridgeway running east-west to the north of the town, suggesting that the area was populated during pre-history and probably controlled by the Brigantes. The town is the main population centre in the Burnley-Nelson urban area. Whilst Burnley has historically had its own Post Offices, it has also been twinned with the neighbouring town parish of Nelson


Burnley and Nelson[edit]

1960 double strike (inverse fed and corrected cover) of Burnley & Nelson Lancs WORLD REFUGEE YEAR slogan meter.