China (Taiwan) 2013 Owls of Taiwan - Third Issue

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  • Issue date: 26th June 2013
  • four values
  • Designed by: Chi-jen Lai
  • Engraving: Qian Zhao De and Huang Lian Cai
  • Printed by: Central Engraving and Printing
  • Print process: recess
  • stamp format height 40mm x width 30mm
  • Perforations: 12.5 x 12.5

Owls of Taiwan (third issue, 2013)[edit]

Sheet stamps[edit]

Otis lettia
Tyto longimembris
Ketupa flavipes
Otus elegans botelensis

First Day Cover[edit]

First Day cover (postally transmitted)

Presentation Pack[edit]

Presentation Pack cover
Presentation Pack