Chociwel (PL)

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Chociwel ([xɔˈt͡ɕivɛl]) (German: Freienwalde in Pommern; Kashubian: Frinwôłd) is a town (3,167 inhabitants mid 2016) in Poland, in West Pomeranian Voivodeship, in Stargard County. Chociwel had a population of 3,406 in 1939. Historically in the Prussian province of Pomerania. After World War II, it was awarded to Poland, along with the rest of eastern Pomerania. Its entire population was expelled, replaced by Polish newcomers.

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Postmarks in Poland[edit]

Postmarks in Empire of Germany[edit]

Postmarks in North German Confederation[edit]

Postmarks in Prussia Pommern province[edit]

FREIENWALDE I. POM. used a postal code 436, Kreis SAATZIG, District STETTIN.

Frame on the 1858 issue.