Choszczno (PL)

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Choszczno [ˈxɔʂt͡ʂnɔ] (German: Arnswalde) is a town (15,437 inhabitants end 2016) and county seat in West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland. The town is located in a marshy district between the river Stobnica and Klukom lake, on the main railway line between Szczecin and Poznań. Besides the Gothic church, there are a number of historical buildings from the 19th century industrial period namely, a gasification plant and a water pressure tower which dominates the town's skyline.

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Historically in the Prussian Brandenburg province.

Postmarks in Poland[edit]

Postmarks in Empire of Germany[edit]

Postmarks in North German Confederation[edit]

Postmarks in Prussia Brandenburg province[edit]

ARNSWALDE Kreis post office used a postal code 47, District FRANKFURT am ODER.


From Thuringia to ARNSWALDE in 1852ca. Arrival frames.