Comlosu Mare (RO)

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Comloșu Mare is a commune (4,737 inhabitants in 2011) in Timiș County, Romania, on the border with Serbia. It is composed of three villages: Comloșu Mare, Comloșu Mic and Lunga. In German, it is known as Komlosch, in Hungarian as Nagykomlós, and in Serbian as Велики Комлуш / Veliki Komluš. In Hungarian, Comloșu Mic is called Kiskomlós, while Lunga is known as Kunszőllős.

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Postmark Examples[edit]

Kingdom of Hungary period (1867-1918)[edit]

Austrian Empire period (until 1867)[edit]

The post office (named BANAT KOMLOS) opened before 1850, depending from the Temesvar Direction.