Denmark 2005 Hans Christian Andersen - Birth Bicentenary

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  • Issue Date: 2nd March 2005
  • four values (from sheets of 25 or 50), a two sheetlets, a stamp booklet, and a Prestige Stamp Booklet
  • Designed by: Mette and Eric Mourier
  • Engraving by: Lars Sjööblom
  • Printed by: Post Denmark Stamps
  • Print process: recess and lithography (4.50kr) or lithography
  • stamp format height 40½mm x width 47½mm (4.50kr) or height 40½mm x width 23½mm
  • Perforations: 12.6 x 12.6

Sheet stamps[edit]

4k50 from sheets of 25
5k50 from sheets of 50
6k50 from sheets of 50
7k50 from sheets of 50

4.50kr ~ portrait of Andersen, 1805-1875, after photo by Thora Hallager, and signature
5.50kr ~ Andersen's scissors, and one of his paper-cuts
6.50kr ~ illustration of The Little Duckling by Louis Moe (1925); Andersen's pen and inkpot
7.50kr ~ drawing of Casino dell’Orologio, Villa Borghese, Rome, by Andersen (1833) and pair of boots bought in Morocco, 1862

First Day Cover[edit]



sheetlet of 4k50 x 8
sheetlet of 5k50 x 8
  • sheet of 5.50kr x 8 around a central label (silhouette)
  • sheet of 5.50kr x 8 around a central label (paper cut of a flower/sun)


  • Booklet 55kr containing 5.50kr stamp x 10 (stamps taken from sheet printing). Cover: portrait of 1861, and papercut

Prestige Booklet[edit]

prestige booklet pane of 4 values
prestige booklet pane of 1 x 4k50
prestige booklet pane of 1 x 5k50
prestige booklet pane of 1 x 6k50
prestige booklet pane of 1 x 7k50
  • Booklet (sold at 90kr), contains five minisheet panes, four with a single stamp, and one containing all four stamp designs