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Mortlach special double arc. Letters (e,g, E) were used to indicate the route that the letter was sent out of town on.
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Dufftown (Scottish Gaelic: Baile Bhainidh is a burgh in Moray, Scotland.

Detailed map of Dufftown showing the location of the original office as well as the Mortlach Distillery.

Dufftown is in the ancient parish of Mortlach (Scottish Gaelic: Mòrthlach). The old Kirkton of Mortlach, with its historic church, is on the southern outskirts of the present town. In the 19th century, James Duff, 4th Earl Fife, established Dufftown as housing for soldiers returning home from the Napoleonic War.

In the Middle Ages, Mortlach (in Latin Murthlacum) was an episcopal. The Town's Distillery is still named The Mortlach Distillery producing its own Malt Whisky. The Original Post Office was set off the north road out of the town behind current day Ballvenie Street (pin pointed on main map). Dufftown hosts a highland games event every July which attracts many tourists. Dufftown's notable buildings include Balvenie Castle, which was partly built with stones from the ruins of nearby Auchindoun Castle. The street plan of Dufftown is mainly four main roads meeting at the Dufftown Clock Tower; previously a prison but now a tourist information centre.

Postmark Examples[edit]

1841 double arc mileage mark of Mortlach before its name changed. Plate 9 on cover to Aberdeen.