GB 2000 Millennium Projects - Above and Beyond

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  • Date of Issue: 18th January 2000
  • Designed by: The Post Office, Oxford Science (19p), Image Telegraph (26p), Bob Millar (44p), Scottish Sea Bird Centre (64p)
  • Printed by: House of Questa
  • Print Processes: Offset Lithography 44p. Photogravure others.
  • Sheet Format: 100 (2 panes each 10 by 5)
  • Stamp Size: 37mm x 35mm
  • Perforations: 14 x 14.5 (44p) and 13½ x 14 (others)
  • Phospor Bands: One 5mm centre band (19p) or two 9mm bands at left and right (others)
  • Gum: PVA
  • Withdrawn: 1st February 2001

Millennium Series. Above and Beyond[edit]

19p ~ head of Barn Owl, noting Owl Trust at Muncaster, Cumbria
26p ~ night sky, noting National Space Centre, Leicester
44p ~ Torrs Walkway, part of industrial heritage trail at New Mills, Derbyshire
64p ~ gannet colony at Bass Rock, Firth of Forth, Scotland, noting live TV relay

Sheet Stamps[edit]


First Day Covers[edit]

FDC Edinburgh (Bureau)
FDC Muncaster
Presentation Pack[edit]

Presentation Pack