GB 2016 Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition

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  • Issue date : 7th January 2016
  • eight values in four pairs
  • Designed by : Robert Maude and Sarah Davies after original expedition photographs taken by Australian Frank Hurley.
  • Printed by : International Security Printers
  • Print process : Offset Lithography
  • Sheet format: 60 (2 panes of 30) each pane 6 x 5.
  • Stamp size : height 34½ x width 36½mm
  • Perforations : 14.25 x 14
  • Phosphor : two phosphor bands on each stamp
  • Withdrawn: 7th January 2017.

Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance Expedition, 1914-1916. Survival and Rescue

from photographs taken by Frank Hurley during the survival and rescue of the Endurance component of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1914-1916
1st (63p) ~ Endurance enters the Antarctic ice, December 1914
1st (63p) ~ Endurance frozen in the pack ice, January 1915
£1.00 ~ striving to free Endurance from the ice, February 1915
£1.00 ~ 'Endurance becomes trapped in a pressure crack in the ice, and begins to be crushed, October 1915
£1.33 ~ Patience Camp is established on an ice floe after the evacuation of the Endurance (which sank on November 21, 1915)
£1.33 ~ arrival to make new camp at Elephant Island in one of the ship’s three lifeboats, April 1916
£1.52 ~ Shackleton and five men set off from Elephant Island for South Georgia in the lifeboat James Caird, April 24, 1916, which they reached safely and crossed to the Whaling Station
£1.52 ~ those expeditionaries who remained at Elephant Island are rescued, August 1916, by Shackleton arriving in a Chilean steamer, the Yelco

Sheet Stamps

pair of 1st Class
pair of £1.00
pair of £1.33
pair of £1.52

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