Greece 2013 The Four Elements

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue date: 3rd October 2013
  • four gummed values and a miniature sheet
  • Designed by: Eleni Apostolou
  • Printed by: Giesecke & Devrient Matsoukis, Athens
  • Print process: lithography
  • Perforations: 13.25 x 13
  • stamp format height 35mm x width 27mm. Miniature sheet format height 150mm x width 100mm

The Four Elements[edit]

Sheet stamps[edit]

  • sheet of gummed stamps

0.05€ ~ Earth
0.47€ ~ Water
1.00€ ~ Air
2.50€ ~ Fire
The ancient Greek philosopher Thalis of Miletus (624-546 BC) believed that material bodies were all based on the fundamental element of water. Anaximenes (585-525 BC) on the other hand thought that air was the most important element, and that earth and water were made of condensed air. For his part, Heraclitus argued that fire was the force that moved the world. Empedocles ultimately came up with the theory that all four elements are essential and that each one has fundamental properties so that every material thing is composed from all four of them

Miniature Sheet[edit]