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Hunstanton is a seaside town in Norfolk, England. It faces west across The Wash, making it one of the few places on the East Coast where the sun can be seen setting over the sea.The coastal cliffs include the type section of the Hunstanton Formation of lower reddish limestone which was laid down during the Lower Cretaceous. This is topped by a white chalk layer from the Upper Cretaceous epoch.

Hunstanton is a 19th-century resort town, initially known as New Hunstanton to distinguish it from the adjacent old village from which it took its name. The new town soon exceeded the village in scale and population.

The original settlement of Hunstanton, now known as Old Hunstanton, probably gained its name from the River Hun, which runs to the coast just to the east of Old Hunstanton. It has also been opined that the name Hunstanton originated from the word "Honeystone", a reference to the local red carr stone. The river begins in the grounds of Old Hunstanton Park which surrounds the old moated hall, the ancestral home of the Le Strange family. Old Hunstanton village is of prehistoric origin and lies near to the head of Peddars Way. In 1970, evidence of Neolithic settlement was found. The quiet character of the village remains distinct from its busy sibling and complements it with clifftop walks past a privately owned redundant lighthouse and the ruins of St Edmund's Chapel, built in 1272.

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