Ireland 2007 Flowers selfadhesive booklet

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue date: 20th April 2007
  • two self-adhesive values in booklets of ten
  • Designed by Susan Sex (botanical artist)
  • Printed in lithography Australia Post Sprintpak
  • Perforations die-cut 11 x 11¼
  • stamp dimensions (overall) height 29mm x width 24mm
  • Phosphor Frame

Definitives. Flowers

55c (national rate) ~ large-flowered butterwort, Pinguicula grandiflora
78c (airmail rate) ~ black bog-rush, Schoenus nigricans

  • stamps are additional values to the 2004-2005 Flowers series

Self-adhesive booklet stamps

55c pair ex booklet
78c pair ex booklet

Booklet stamps. Self-adhesive

  • stamps are separately spaced within the booklet, plain white surround

Self-adhesive Stamp Booklets

Booklet 5.50€, 55c x ten copies. Cover: stamp design and outline of western Ireland
Booklet 7.80€, 78c x ten copies. Cover: stamp design and map of world, with 10 PRIORITY AERPHOST stickers

booklet of 55c x 10
booklet of 78c x 10
booklet cover 5.50€
booklet cover 7.80€