Isle of Man 2014 Winter Flora and Sepac

From Stamps of the World

  • Issued: 6th January 2014. The 75p with SEPAC Issued on 16th July 2014.
  • SEPAC stands for Small European Postal Administration Cooperation
  • Designed by: EJC Design
  • Text and Illustrations by Catherine Jones
  • Printed by: Lowe-Martin of Canada
  • Print Process: Offset Lithography
  • Sheet Size:
  • Stamp Size: 28mm x 42mm
  • Paper/Gum: 110gsm Unwatermarked with PVA
  • Perforations: 14
  • Still on Sale

Miniature sheet and Sepac Stamp[edit]

75p SEPAC Logo

First Day Covers[edit]


Presentation Packs[edit]

Presentation Pack (cover)
Presentation Pack (SEPAC cover)

Souvenir Folder[edit]

£15 Souvenir Folder (cover shown).Contains Stamps from 12 small European countries - except Andorra