Italian Libya 1931 Libyan Sibyl

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Stamp of Italian Libya
"Serie Sibilla libica" - supplementary values

  • Catalogue Numbers : Michel: No. 71 -72; Yvert et Tellier: No. 62-63; Scott: No. 42 and 44
  • Issue Date: 02 January 1931
  • Color : orange - violet/red
  • Watermark : none
  • Nominal values : 1.75 Lire, 2.55 Lire
  • Designed and/or engraved by: Augusto Calcagnadoro (1876-1935) (other source: Antonio)
  • Printed by: "Officina Carte Valori", Turin
  • Print Process: Recess printing
  • Perforations: Line perforation, L 14
  • Stamp Size : (printed area of a single stamp without signature line): 22.5 x 27.0 mm

"Sibilla libica" - suplementary values

Michel No. 71, postmarked

The stamp motive shows one of the Sibyls on the frescos of the Sixtine Chapel in Florence (Italy). The fresco was created by Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) in the style of the Italian Renaissance. His Sibyls are seen as counterpart to the Biblian predictors (Sibillean predictions) and are denouncing the falsifications of the Biblic texts by the Catholic Church.