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Kakinada is a city and municipal corporation in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.A theory about the origin of the city's name holds that the area was called "Kakinandiwada" during the reign of Nandi chiefs before the arrival of the Europeans, and the name became truncated over time. The British called it "Cocanada" (pronounced "Caa-key-naada"), or Coninga. After independence the name returned to Kakinada, although a few organisations established during British colonial rule retain the old name (e.g. Cocanada Chamber of Commerce). Kakinada's two railway stations are codenamed CCT (Kakinada Town Junction) and COA (Kakinada Port) by Indian Railways. The area was historically rich in ponds filled with red lotus (known as Kokanadamu in Telugu). Kakinada is known as "Pensioners Paradise" due to its calm, pleasant environment.

Postmark Examples[edit]

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C/74 Cooper/ Renouf Type 6 cancellation. Type 6 was used in Madras circle between 1856-65.