Leeward Islands 1938 Definitives

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  • Issue Date: 25th November 1938 - 1951
  • Designed by:
  • Printed by: De La Rue
  • Print Process: Typographed
  • Watermark: Multiple Script CA
  • Perforations: 14
  • Catalogue N°s Michel 87-105, Yvert 89-101, SG 95-114

Unused stamps[edit]

¼d brown
½d emerald
½d slate-grey (chalk-surfaced paper)
1d scarlet Die B
1d blue-green (chalk-surfaced paper)
1½d chestnut
1½d yellow-orange and black (chalk-surfaced paper)
2d olive grey
2d scarlet (chalk-surfaced paper)
2½d bright blue
2½d black and purple (chalk-surfaced paper)
3d orange
3d bright blue
6d deep dull purple and bright purple
1s black/emerald
10s bluish green and deep red/green
2s reddish purple and blue/blue
5s green and red/yellow
£1 brown-purple and black/red