Lipova (RO)

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Lipova (German and Hungarian: Lippa; Serbian: Липова, Lipova; Turkish: Lipva) is a town (10,313 inhabitants in October 2011) in Arad County, located in the Banat region of western Romania. It is situated on the left bank of the Mureș River, below the Zarand Mountains and Lipovei Hills. It administers two villages, Radna (Máriaradna) and Șoimoș (Solymosvár).

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Postmark Examples[edit]

Kingdom of Hungary period (1867-1918)[edit]

Circle LIPPA in 1912.

Austrian Empire period (until 1867)[edit]

The LIPPA im BANAT post office opened before 1850, in the Banat district, depending from the Temesvar Postal Direction in 1867.