London (GB) The Square Circle Postmarks of London 1880 - 1909

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The development of the Square Circle Postmarks of London.

In Late 1879 a new handstamp was issued to the EC Office. The trials of the Hoster Machine and style proved to be successful in using a combined date and coded handstamp.

The first Square Circles developed are also known as Geometric type cancels.

1880 -1885 The Early Developments[edit]

1880 TYPE IA with single letter duty code F 1880
1880 TYPE IA with single letter duty code
1881 TYPE IIA with filled corners on 5d Indigo
1881 TYPE III coded JZ
1885 TYPE IV on London EC uprated stationery cover to Amsterdam
1883 TYPE VI coded A-Z 1½d rate from London to Bexley Heath.

1886 -1890 Further Developments[edit]

1886 lined corners TYPE IIB on postal card to Anvers Belgium.
Type IIC on cover to Ewell, Surrey

1890 -1900 The Main Period of Use[edit]

TYPE IIC 1894 Geometric type with dots in Corner Triangles. LONDON NA code on stationery cover to Philadelphia USA
Enfield (Northern Office) square circles 1893.

1901 -1909 The Last Years of Usage[edit]

1906 TYPE VII on Lombard St B.O.uprated stationery cover to Apolda Germany
1909 TYPE IB Late usage. 3 Lined Octagonal no corners.