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The office came into existence with the end of the Two Penny Post in 1844

The Main office itself was generally known as E.C.D.O.,St.Martin’s-le-Grand, the Inland Office being a department therein.
This was a Post Office from Sept.1829
The Money Order Office was noted as being in Aldergate Street in the PO guide of 1858
Telegraph Office 1870. Code used = SM

By 1907 ‘London Chief Office’ had moved to King Edward St, EC1

Closed 22 April 1994

The Post Office in St Martin Le Grand by Thomas Shepherd (late 1820s)

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1856/7 Re-issues[edit]

1856 saw a major growth in the volume of letters being posted especially to other area's of the country as the postal service became more efficient and cost effective for the public. Hand-stamps were now only lasting for , in some cases less than 12 months before they needed replacement.

1856 Single Hand-stamps 13 (2,9,9,2) Bars Large Numerals[edit]

Single hand-stamps were re-issued in late September 1856 for numbers 1 to 40 (Less 9 & 38 due to inversion.)

Bars 2,9,9,2
Bars 2,9,9,2
Bars 2,9,9,2
Bars 2,9,9,2
Bars 2,9,10,2 Left hand side has 9 bars and right hand side has 10 bars.
Bars 2,9,9,2
Bars 2,9,9,2
Bars 2,9,9,2 on Plate 52 SL (var-Wiggins) Dubus 317d
Bars 2,9,9,2 on Plate 59 AI constant var. mark above 'A

1857 Double Steel Hand stamps 11 Bars (5 Shared) Large Handcut Numerals[edit]

Double hand-stamps were re-issued for numbers 45-47 in late September.

13 Bar Numeral 3,7,7,3

1857 TOO LATE LONDON Duplex Hand-stamps 13 Bars of 3,7,7,3 Bars[edit]

The TOO LATE LONDON dated duplex cancels numbers 76-78 followed in late November.

TOO LATE LONDON Duplex Hand-stamps 9 Bars of 2,5,5,2 Bars[edit]

Other configurations of bars apart from the 13 bars arranged 3,7,7,3 are also known but their date of issue is unknown at this time

13 Bar Numeral 3,7,7,3

1857 Single Steel Hand-stamps (2,8,8,3) Bars[edit]

The remainder of the single hand-stamps continued in late November completing numbers 52 - 75 with the ommission of No's 61,66 & 68.