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The office came into existence with the end of the Two Penny Post in 1844

The Main office itself was generally known as E.C.D.O.,St.Martin’s-le-Grand, the Inland Office being a department therein.
This was a Post Office from Sept.1829
The Money Order Office was noted as being in Aldergate Street in the PO guide of 1858
Telegraph Office 1870. Code used = SM

By 1907 ‘London Chief Office’ had moved to King Edward St, EC1

Closed 22 April 1994

The Postman delivering Valentine's Mail 1860's

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The London Inland Cancel issues of 1861 - 1864[edit]

The final issue of a selected group of cancels to the Inland Office (IO) were made, between 1861 and 1864 and before the Office changed its name to the Inland Branch Office (IB).
Again there appears to be no standardization of the bar formations.

1862 Single and double Steel Cancels 13 Bars (*14 or variant)[edit]

Seven single cancellers were re-issued for numbers 2-6, 8 and 10 in March 1862, possibly due to usage and wear. These were 13 bars with a bottom heavy (2,8,8,3) formation.

13 Bar with 2,8,8,3 formation #2

In April two further singles of number 1 and number 7 were issued. The #1 formation was 3,7,7,3 and #7 was 2,9,9,2.
Also numbers 45 and 46 were re-issued as shared pairs of 11/12 bars

13 Bar with 3,7,7,3 formation #1
* 2,7,(5 shared 2 unshared),2 (N.B. 8 Bars at right) #45
File:London Inland Office Branch (GB) Page 5 1862 double 46r.jpg
* 2,7,(5 shared 2 unshared),2 (N.B. 8 Bars at right) #46

1864 double Steel Cancels 2ND RE-ISSUE[edit]

The last issue of cancels to the Inland Office ended in 1864 with a re-issue of the above two doubles again. #45 and 46.

These showed a marked strengthening of the bars a feature that would typify the new Branch Office and District Office cancels after 1864.

OTHER Various Inland Office era cancels (1844 - 1864)[edit]

In 1862 the manufacturer of cancellation devices for the Post Office was the firm of D G Berri of 36 High Holborn, London W C
The sample sheets that they sent out to potential customers circa 1862 showed recess printed examples of their work

London Inland Office Branch (GB) 1862 man.jpg

Postage Due[edit]

Orange River Colony pair of overprinted ½d stamps on letter to Brighton Sussex GB. With 15c Taxe stamp of the OFS and the converted 3d to pay tax stamp of the Inland Section Branch London.