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The WC (Western Central) postcode area, also known as the London WC postcode area. The WC office first opened at 126 High Holborn.

Postmark Examples[edit]

WC Office[edit]

London WC (GB) a.jpg

WC Office Covers[edit]

London WC (GB) b.jpg

WC Sub and Branch Offices[edit]


Registered Charing Cross WC cover to Bologne sur mer France 1989
1968 Charing Cross WC letter to Worcester, with 2d Blue BI plate 9 (Wmk LC1)
London WC Squared Circle CX (Charing Cross)
London WC Squared Circle CX (Charing Cross)1886 on Advertising Ring of The Home News Grindlay & Co

Southampton Street, Strand[edit]

1907 Registered cover with STRAND SOUTHAMPTON ST B.O.W.C. code 2
1968 Southampton St Strand B O W C 2
1964 Southampton Street Strand B O W C 2