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Loughrea (Irish: Baile Locha Riach, meaning "town of the grey lake") is a town in County Galway, Ireland. The town lies to the north of a range of wooded hills, the Slieve Aughty Mountains, and the lake from which it takes its name. The town is also famous for its cathedral (see Loughrea Cathedral) which dominates the town's skyline. The town has expanded in size significantly in recent years as it increasingly becomes a commuter town for the city of Galway.The town takes its name from Loch Riach (Irish for "the grey lake") on which it lies. It is also suggested that the town's name derives from Loch Riabhach (meaning "speckled lake"). This alternative Irish name is used in the name of the local Irish-language multi-faith primary school: Gaelscoil Riabhach. The town is located within an area that was historically called Trícha Máenmaige.

Ireland Postmarks 1923 to Present[edit]

GB postmarks Prephilately - 1923[edit]

Under the GB Post Office the town was allocated the 312 Numeral for Ireland.

1848 cover sent to Castletown, Delvin from Loughrea, Ireland, with Loughreablue double arc cancel and 312 Irish diamond numeral.