Lugoj (RO)

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Lugoj is a city (37,700 inhabitants in 2011) in Timiș County, Banat, western Romania. The Timiș River divides the city into two halves, the so-called Romanian Lugoj that spreads on the right bank and the German Lugoj on the left bank. It is the seat of the Eparchy of Lugoj in the Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek-Catholic. The city administers two villages, Măguri and Tapia.

Until 1918, LUGOS was part of the Austrian monarchy, Temes District, in the Kingdom of Hungary (Transleithania) after the compromise of 1867.

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Postmark Examples[edit]

Kingdom of Hungary period (1867-1918)[edit]

LUGOS in 1889.

Austrian Empire period (until 1867)[edit]

The LUGOS post-office opened before 1850.