Maidstone & District Motor Services Ltd

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Maidstone & District ran services in much of Kent.

The use of parcels stamps ceased in 1974 with the withdrawal of the decimal currency issue. All were printed by Williamson, Aston-under-Lyne. The following listing was prepared by the late David Padgham and his listing is given issue numbers 1-13. David had not seen the two blue items shown below so they are added to the beginning as issue A. These are also the only examples seen with a clear dated cancel (25 Aug 1917 on both - maybe used on the same parcel?) until ca. 1970.

issue date values / colours imprint Comments
A c.1917 6d blue, 7d blue none Company name abbreviated to MAID. & D.M.S., Ltd
1 c.1920s 1d white, 3d white at foot Company name in lower case
2 c.1930s 2d pink, 3d blue, 5d scarlet, 9d white at left Company name in lower case, "Name" in italics
3 c.1930s 1d buff, 1d cream, 2d pink, 3d blue, 4d buff, 6d white, 8d pink, 10d pink 5 fig reference at left Company name in lower case
4 c.1930s 1d yellow, 3d blue, 4d brown no ref. Company name in seriffed capitals
5 c.1930s 3d green, 4d buff five figure ref. Company name in seriffed capitals
6 c.1940s 1d white, 3d green, 4d buff Company name in sans-seriffed capitals
7 c.1952 1d buff, 3d green, 4d brown, 6d white, 1s pale pink Customer ref. B.11/..
8 c.1954 2d pink, 3d blue, 4d white, 6d white Customer ref. M.10/..
9 c.1954 1d yellow, 2d pink, 4d orange-yellow, 6d white, 8d pale pink, 10d pink, 1s pale pink Customer ref. M.10/.. as 8 but number in square numerals
10 c.1954 2d pink no ref. as 9. Not illustrated below.
11 c.1960s 4d pale yellow, 6d white, 9d yellow, 10d pink, 1s pink, 1s buff, 1s blue Customer ref. M.10/.. ticket number at right
12 c.1960s 3d green (withdrawn 1969), 8d pink, 2s yellow, 2s pink customer ref omitted
13 c.1970 1s-5p blue (July 1970), 2s-10p pink (1971) no ref. dual currency
14 c.1971 10p pink no ref.

Early reference numbers are a job number the customer references B.11 and M.10 applied to all M&D work. Printed in booklets of 50 labels for conductor's use and in booklets of 50 panes of 5 for office use.

The 1s blue of issue 11 was still in use in 1973 with the decimal issue but the carriage of parcels ceased soon after. Only a limited service was offered where customers had to buy a ticket and place the parcel on the bus, arranging for it to be met. This service was little used.

1917? Blue paper issue A


1920s? White paper issue 1


1930s? issue 2


1930s? issue 3


1930s? issue 4

1d - scan of old b/w photocopy

1930s? White paper issue 5


1940s? White paper issue 6


ca. 1952? issue 7


ca. 1954? issue 8


ca. 1954? issue 9


1960s? Issue 11

6d white
9d yellow
1/- blue

1960s? Issue 12

2/- on yellow
2/- on pink

1970 Issue 13

1/- (5p) on blue, vertical pair
2/- (10p) on pink

1971? Issue 14

10p on pink