Mauritius 1848-1859 POST PAID Barnard

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  • Issue Dates : June 1848 - 1859
  • Designed by : J. Barnard
  • Printed by :
  • Print Process : Engraving on copper on white or bluish paper
  • Perforations : None
  • Watermark: none
  • Catalogue Michel N°s 3I to 4V, Stanley Gibbons N°s 3-25.

Portrait of Queen Victoria with diadem looking left. POST PAID vertical.


There are various plates worn states. The better states (Early impressions) are very rare. Catalogues distinguish 5 states of impression.

I issue (earliest impressions)[edit]

SG N°s 3-5. Period of use: 1848-1854.

Mauritius 1848-1859 POST PAID Barnard I a.jpg
2d unused
Deep blue (SG5), cancelled 2 in circles, 1848-1849.


Cover from Port Louis via Duchesse Anne (7 September 1848) to Bordeaux with 2 pence indigo-blue. SG4.

II issue (early impressions)[edit]

SG N°s 6-9. Period of use: 1849-1854.

1d vermilion unused SG6
1d frame INLAND
1d orange-vermilion mute SG7
2d deep blue, 2 in circles, SG9


Cover with 2d + 1d for internal destination 7 September 1854. SG9&7.
Cover with 2 d for internal destination 18 August 1855. SG8.

III issue (intermediate impressions)[edit]

SG N°s 10-15. Period of use: 1854-1857.

1 penny[edit]

Bright vermilion, cancelled 2 in 2 circles Mi3III-SG10.
Bright vermilion, mute cancelled with 5 circles.
1 penny dull vermilion, cancelled 11 Moka in 2 circles SG11.
1 penny dull vermilion, cancelled 14 Rivière du Rempart (MU) in 2 circles SG11.

2 pence[edit]

Blue, cancelled 14 in 2 circles, SG14, 1854ca.
Blue, error PENOE, SG14a, Mi4IIIby.

IV issue (worn impressions)[edit]

Some diagonal lines still distinct. SG N°s 16-22.

1 penny[edit]

1 penny red-brown, oval cancel, 1857ca SG19.
Similar (not from a print).
Frame cancel INT (not from a print).

2 pence[edit]

2 pence blue 1855-58, cancel 5 circles, SG20.
2 pence blue, error PENOE, SG20a.

V issue (very worn)[edit]

In the 1856-1859 period. SG N°s 23-25.

1 penny red, 1859 PAID cancel Mi3V.
1 penny red-brown, oval cancel 1859 SG24.
2 pence (grey) blue on bluish paper, Mi4V, unused ex Ferrari, SG25
2 pence grey-blue, cancel 5 circles, SG25.