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Milano (aka Milan) is the second-most populous city in Italy. It is the capital of the region Lombardy.

Postmark Examples[edit]

Milano Ferrovia, Railway stamp, date unknown.

Postmark in Kingdom of Italy era (1859-1947)[edit]

Milano, 1930
Milan, 21-11-1935
Milan, 06-11-1939 as registered mail

Cards and Covers[edit]

Stampset.png 1908 Milano to Lyaskovets, BG
1914 postcard sent from MILANO 2 PARTENZA to the Metropoliton Opera Company NY USA
Stampset.png 1968 Milano to Sofia, BG

Postmark in Austrian Empire Lombardy province (1850-1859)[edit]

The MILANO Austrian post office opened before 1850.

Antiqua MILANO Boxed with year, Mueller type RkBo-fy, years 1850-1853.
Circle on the 1858 issue, one of the 16 types.