Montserrat 1987 Capex '87 Stamp Exhibition. Halley's Comet

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  • Issue date: 13th June 1987
  • eight values in two miniature sheets each with borders bearing the CAPEX '87 logo
  • Designed by: Court House Studio (original stamps)
  • Printed by: Format International, England. CAPEX '87 logo added in black and red
  • Miniature sheets height 115mm x width 140mm
  • Perforations: 13.75 x 13.5

CAPEX '87 International Stamp Exhibition, Canada[edit]

  • Re-issue of two miniature sheets of 1986, noting Halley's Comet, with borders bearing the CAPEX '87 logo

Miniature Sheets[edit]

miniature sheet 40c $1.75 $2 $3
miniature sheet 55c 60c 80c $5