Peru 1858 Coat of Arms - Wavy Lines in Background

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  • Issue Date : 1 March 1858
  • Print Type : Litho by Emilio Prugue, Lima
  • Catalogue N°s: Michel 3-5, Yvert 3-3B

Small Lettering[edit]

Format 21x21 mm.

1 dinero - Dark Blue, used at TRUJILLO Mi3a
1 dinero - Pale Blue, used Mi3b
1 peseta - Rose-Red, unused Mi4

Large Lettering[edit]

Format 22x21 mm.

Medio peso - Orange Yellow, dots Mi5


From TACNA, circle to Corocoro in 1858 with 1 Peseta. Rose-red Sc4
From PIURA (circle of dots) to Lima in 1860 with a 1 dinero pair. Sc3