Pogorzela (PL)

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Pogorzela [pɔɡɔˈʐɛla] is a town (2,075 inhabitants end 2016) in Gostyń County, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland. Pogorzela is located on the western edge of the Kalisz Upland, at the junction of county roads Krotoszyn-Gostyń and the Koźmin-Krobia.

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Historically in the Prussian Posen province.

Postmarks in Poland[edit]

Postmarks in Empire of Germany[edit]

Postmark in North German Confederation[edit]

Postmarks in Prussia Posen province[edit]

The post office, named POGORZELLI, used a postal code 1154, Kreis Krotoschin (Koschmin after 1887), district of Posen.

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