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Pune (formerly known as Poona in British era , Punyanagari in old time is the seventh largest metropolis in India and the second largest (3,124,000 inhabitants in 2011) in the state of Maharashtra. It is situated 560 metres (1,837 feet) above sea level on the Deccan plateau at the right bank of the Mutha river. Pune is the administrative headquarters of Pune district and was once the centre of power of the Maratha Empire established by Shivaji Maharaj. In the 18th century, Pune was the political centre of the Indian subcontinent, as the seat of the Peshwas who were the prime ministers of the Maratha Empire. More information found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pune

India (since 1947)[edit]

British period (1854-1946)[edit]

Bridge POONA on the first Empire issue (1882).
Poona cancel in Violet on QV 1R Pair 1889