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For the development of the Registration system during the Queen Victoria period click this link.

Inks Employed[edit]

Whilst the agreed use of black for striking registered posts was clear, occasionally the wrong ink was used and you find strikes in colours often associated with other handstamp types.

Blue inks[edit]

1882 Light Blue strikes of Registered Throgmorton Avenue, London on cover to Elberfeld, Germany.
1937 Light Blue strikes of Registered Maida Hill, Shirland Rd sub office, endorsed in black with Registered Maida Hill cancel on reverse.
Reverse strikes of 1937 Maida Hill cover endorsed in black with Registered Maida Hill.

Red inks[edit]

1898 Red strike of 2d Registered Glasgow. (See below 2d rate)

Purple inks[edit]

1898 light strike of Purple ink handstamp of Registered London - hooded cancel
Registered London strike in Purple ink (See below 2d Rate)

Rate Examples[edit]

2d Registered 1894-1921[edit]

Registered plus 2d Value postmarks appeared from the early 1890's. Their use continued into the 1920's. Only a few provincial towns throughout Great Britain have examples known, shown here. The cancel was stopped in 1921 when the registration fee was raised to 3d. Keep your eyes open for cancels with the 2d removed but the word registered not yet realigned. We do not have any examples of this yet but Allcock and Holland confirm their existence!

Registered 2d = Bath = 1894
Registered 2d = Bath = 1895 sent to Riga
2d Registered 2d Manchester 1898
Registered 2d = Glasgow = 1898 sent to Aix-en Provence, France. With hooded London Registered rubber-stamp in violet and R in Circle Registered mark. Genuine use of the Glasgow parcel post cancel being used, these were later discontinued in use due to similar cancels being used to imitate parcel post label usage.
2d Registered 2d Manchester 1899, Also Registered X1 code London transit cancel, sent to Amsterdam Holland
Registered 2d = Birmingham = 1900
Registered - 2d Bradford 1901
Registered - 2d Bradford 1901 to Paris France
Registered 2d = Leeds = 1902

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