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Rome (AKA Roma) is the capital and largest city of Italy. It is located in the central-western part of the country on the banks of Tiber river in the region of Lazio. The independent city of Vatican is located within the city boundaries of Rome. Once center of the great Roman Empire, nowadays the city is among the most popular cultural tourist destination in the world.
City population 2,865,151 (2014).

Postmark Examples[edit]

Republic (1945..)[edit]

DC in 1952
DC in 1954
Rome, 15-05-1954
Rome in 1954
Rome, 31-09-1956
Rome-Ostiense, 11-02-1957
Rome, 09-05-1961
Rome, 08-08-1961

Italian Social Republic[edit]


Rome 29, in 1944

Fascist Rome[edit]


Rome, 02 Aug 1937

Cards and covers[edit]

1955 Rome to Massapequa, New York