Saudi Arabia 1985 Launch of ARABSAT

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  • issue date: 9th February 1985
  • one value
  • Designed by: A Ghani
  • Printed by: Government Security Press, Riyadh, in sheets of 50 stamps and two labels
  • Print process: lithography
  • stamp format: height 30mm x width 55mm
  • perforations: 11.75 x 12

Launch of ARABSAT 1a

20h ~ ARABSAT and globe
launched 8th February 1985 from Kourou, Guyane. This stamp appears to have been issued the following day,
although an issue date of September 2, 1985 is also reported. The satellite failed to deploy its solar panels properly,
resulting in reduced performance. It failed in 1992

Sheet stamp[edit]