Schwerte (DE)

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Schwerte is a town (46,723 inhabitants end 2015) in the district of Unna, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. After the local government reforms of 1975 Schwerte consists of the following parts: Ergste, Geisecke, Holzen, Schwerte, Villigst, Wandhofen and Westhofen.

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Historically in the Prussian province of Westphalia, District of Arnsberg.

Postmarks in Germany[edit]

Allied Occupation[edit]

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Postmarks in German Empire[edit]

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Postmarks in North German Confederation[edit]

Since 1 January 1868.

Postmarks in Prussia Westphalia province[edit]

SCHWERTE, in Kreis HÖRDE, used a Postal code 1376.

WESTHOFEN REG. BEZ. ARNSBERG, in Kreis Dortmund, used a Postal code 1621.