South Africa 1945 Victory

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  • Date of Issue : 3rd December 1945
  • Watermark : Multiple Springbok Heads
  • Perforation : Approx 14
  • Design Size : 27 x 21.5mm
  • Print Type : Rotogravure
  • Printer : Government Printing Works - Pretoria
  • Sheet Size : 120 (20 x 6)
  • Perforations : 14

1d - Victory
2d - Peace
3d - Hope



Red Spot on R of Africa (R1/5)
File:South Africa 1945 Victory Vb.jpg
White Accent Mark Above G of Postage (R5/1)
White Spot Above S of POSSEEL (R5/6)
Red Mark Through R of Africa - (R8/4)
Barbed Wire (R9/6)
  • 1d Aniline Ink Printing - Vignette Showing through back of stamp
Block of 18 showing vignette on reverse


Mole Hill on Koppie (R1/2)
White mark above P of POSSEEL (R6/1)
White spot on Koppie (R7/3)
White Ear on S of SUID (R11/4)
White mark above S of SUID
Vertical Lines forming V through stamp (R17/5)


  • Male with Blackeye (R1/1)
File:South Africa 1945 Victory 3d Va.jpg
Male with Blackeye (R1/1)
White accent mark above P of POSSEEL (R2/1)
White Spot above man's nose, extra star (R3/3)
Blue Spot above man's eye (R12/3)
White dot in sky, distant star (R14/1)
Hyphen between 3 and d (R14/6)
Scar on Woman's face (R18/1)

First Day Cover[edit]

Cover showing first day cancels