South Africa 2005 Impala Lily airletter (non-denominated)

From Stamps of the World

  • Issue dates : 17th November 2006 - 28th February 2006
  • airletter with imprinted indicium
  • Designed by :
  • Printed by :
  • Print process : lithography

Impala Lily. Postage Paid Airletter[edit]

Airletter (Aerogramme)[edit]

Airletter, original printing
  • original printing issued 17th November 2005, with sharp printing and a pale yellow phosphor band

Impala Lily. Postage Paid Airletter, reissue[edit]

Airletter, reissue
  • reissue 28th February 2006, with blurred printing and a bright dark yellow phosphor band