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Welcome to Stamps of the World - your online stamp catalogue. This stamp wiki aims to be a collection of philatelic information about stamp issues from around the world. Why is this your stamp catalogue? Because you have control of how this site grows, every page is editable and anyone can create a new page.

Postmark Project

An exciting new postmark project has been started on Stamps of the World! Please go to Postmarks to create a new postmark name or to see the countries we have listed so far. Our goal is to have a page for each town and on this page show its location, a description and examples of covers and stamps showing clear postmarks from the town. As with all pages on the wiki the level of information will be down to what we have to add as a community. Postmarks and postal history complements what we are already doing on the wiki and we look forward to seeing your contributions.

Other Projects

You can also create Articles Articles or Exhibits Exhibits. Or you may want to look at a long running series in detail and break it down into manageable pages like Machins which are broken down into issues and values. For example GB_1968_Machin_Definitives_Feb_1968 or as single values over different issues Machins_9p. How can you help?


Use the country list below to navigate to your area of interest (Blue means we currently have pages for this area). You can also use the menu system on the left to take you to the correct tab below from any page other than the main page. Remember we also have the auto filled search and advanced search features.


How you can Help

With wikis any information can be of help - So if you have images or information that will help make the stamp wiki more complete feel free to add it. We will be adding help sections on editing the Stamps of the World pages but go ahead and take a look at the editing pages to see the basics. (see the help tab above)

If you would like to test any wiki markup use our Sand Box for this purpose. Here you can try out any of the wiki features before you start editing pages.

Please read the "add new set" help guide for adding stamp sets to Stamps of the World.

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